In addition to our printing expertise we have developed a special competence in producing Hangtags, a powerful sales promotion and marketing tool. Our steel wired hangtags are often used in engineering industry and tagging spare parts. Made in Sweden

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Use Hangtags to build product identity and strengthen your brand! We offer a wide range of options in terms of paper qualities and threads for our Hangtags. Whether you are looking for an exclusive, luxurious touch, or a more stripped down, rugged look, you can easily match the tags to your brand personality.

-Clothing labels
-Gift labels
-Bottleneck hangers
-Furniture labels


Use Hangtags to supply information about your product or product range, accessories and spare parts. This type of additional information can be vital to help your customers choose the right product in the store. Your own ‘sleeping salesman’!

-Information about the product itself
-Information about the wider product range to which the product belongs
-Information about accessories and spare parts available for the product


Use Hangtags to supply your customers with operating instructions, or user guides. By attaching this type of information directly to the product you can ensure that it reaches the user at the right time and in the right place!

-User guides
-Operating instructions


There is a multitude of possible uses of Hangtags for labelling products, production equipment, spare parts, etc. Today, we deliver a wide variety of labels to manufacturing industries, chemical and petroleum companies, travel companies, etc. Hangtags used by manufacturing industries are typically printed on materials that are both durable and tear-proof. As an added benefit we have developed a unique capability to tie steel wire to our Hangtags, making them ideal for use in industrial contexts. Since the wire is tied mechanically, we can quickly produce large quantities.

-Warning labels
-Mark-up of inventories
-Luggage tags
-Key tickets

The Hangtags can be designed in various ways – from simple two-sided labels to multi-page brochures in full colour. The tag-holes can be reinforced with eyelets and you can use a wide variety of strings and paper qualities to get the desired result.There are many application areas. Your product might not be suitable for packaging, or maybe it is too good-looking to be put in a box? Just tag the necessary information right onto your product! Our Hangtags can be found on everything from machine tools to shampoo bottles.

Since our start-up costs are very low and our production capacity high we can produce editions from a couple of hundred tags to hundreds of thousands. Combined with our printing expertise, we can guarantee that we will supply high quality/high performance promotion materials.

Strings and print materials


Cotton string

Knotted cotton string is available in white and black as standard. If needed, we can order other colors for a fee. For example if you’d like to combine the tag color with the string color.

Knotted elastic String
Elastic strings can be stretched to double its length, which make it a lot easier to attach the tag to different objects. Available in black and white as standard.

Steel wire
We also offer hangtags with an attached steel wire. The steel wire is easy to bend and form as you’d like, and at the same time very durable. The steel wire is attached through our own specialised machine. There are none of its kind on the market since we’ve built and constructed it ourselves.

Diamond deadlocks
We do not attach wire handles, but we’ll gladly provide a box of handles for you to attach.

They are most commonly used for key-tags, the key is attached to the handle as well as the tag. From an economic standpoint our hang-tags with elastic wire are more affordable for the customer.


Print materials

You can use various paper materials for your hangtag, there is no preset, it’s possible to use a slight thinner paper as well as a thicker paper or even cardboard when creating your unique hangtag.

We print directly on plastic material such as Yupo that is indestructible, it’s commonly used in dirty work areas or outdoor since it resists wind, rain and other types of weather.

We can knot string in various formats from 25×40 mm to 148x210mm, contact us if you need more information about the size of your desired hangtag.

Reinforcement with eyelets
Eyelets are used as a reinforcement for the hangtag, or as a decorative detail. Some tags only have Eyelets, but usually we complement the tag with a string of some sort since the price difference is imperceptible.



There are many ways to fold a product, our folding machine is specialized to handle small formats.


Punched products are usually not a problem to attach a string to. A punched tag makes your product stand out from the rest.

Perforation / Numbering

Commonly used for key labels, so you can identify the recipient part with the part you saved.

Rounded corners / Cutted corners

We have special rounded corner machines and cut corner machines, in which we can make your label stand out even more or get a more personalised feel.


Stitched products are no problem to use as hangtags, without a problem you can read through the product whilst it’s attached to a string.

Lamination / Coating

Used to protect the tag from wearing out or as a nice detail.

Price examples / Quote

One-sided neckhanger, 4-colour, incl. original, hole-punched and tied with cotton string.

3,00 sek/pp

at a run of 500 pc

2,00 sek/pp

at a run of 1000 pc

1,00 sek/pp

at a run of 5000 pc


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